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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Pass/Fail Option

Under the Pass/Fail Option, a junior or senior may take two courses per year for credit outside the major or minor and the University’s General Education Requirements without having the grade count toward the cumulative grade point average. The student must have a GPA of 2.00 or higher and permission from the Registrar, the faculty advisor, and the course instructor. Only S (pass) or U (fail) grades are given. The decision to take a course on the Pass/Fail Option must be declared by the end of the add/drop period and cannot be changed after the add/drop period. The limit of courses taken under the Pass/Fail Option does not include courses designated exclusively S/U.


New students entering in the fall are scheduled for classes during the summer; new students entering in the spring are scheduled for classes beginning in early December. Continuing students schedule their classes for the next semester in the latter part of the current semester. Changes (add/drop) may be made to schedules at any time until the end of the fifth day of class.

*Adult undergraduate degree completers should refer to the MAP Guidebook.


Official copies of Muskingum University transcripts bearing the University seal and the Registrar’s signature are sent directly to schools or organizations upon the request of students or alumni. Individuals may also receive official copies of the transcript (which are stamped “Issued to Student”) following the same ordering process. Students may request transcripts by going to: https://www.muskingum.edu/registrar/transcript-information.

Currently enrolled students can obtain unofficial copies of their Muskingum University transcripts through the University’s on-line academic record system. Grades are recorded on transcripts at the end of each term. Students may request that transcripts be held until grades for the courses in which they are enrolled are recorded. Transcripts and diplomas are not released for students with overdue accounts.

Transferring Courses

Credit toward a degree from Muskingum University may be granted for coursework taken at other regionally accredited institutions. Equivalency, elective credit, or no credit decisions are determined using official transcripts and course descriptions and in consultation with chairs of the various departments. Muskingum adheres to the Ohio Transfer and Articulation Policy. Requirements of specific majors or programs may be more stringent. Transfer credit is not accepted for courses for which previous credit has already been granted. Transfer credit may not be used to replace grades earned at Muskingum University. Only credit hours transfer, not the corresponding grade point average for transfer work, except to determine Latin honors (for which the grade point average may be lowered but not raised).